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During the summer of 2000, on my vacation I was involved in a car accident where I managed to make it out alive, but minus some bits and minus 2 awesome friends. I lost half of my left limbs, my 2 friends, Andrew and Robb who were in the car with me, I lost a year of my life to the hospital and nothing has been the same since.
My diary is about this, the challenges, frustration, self discovery, depression, and lessons learned while adapting to a new body, a new lifestyle and a new mindset.

Before the crash, I was happy, excited, worked as a teacher in a small community on Vancouver Island close to really good friends and can seriously have said that life was a blast. Now I live on a farm and spend my days usually sleeping and my evenings working on building my army of dolls. I�m not sure of where my life is going from here. I�m waiting to finish up with accident related court bull shit, then who knows, I�ll be set free. I doubt I�ll ever go back to working for a living again. Please respect that this space, although public, is my secret diary where I write what I�m feeling, thinking, doing at the moment. I started this diaryland space as a tool to learn some basic html skills and while doing so I�ve discovered that I like exposing certain aspects of my life this way.

that is all.


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